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designs and interpretations by kate



This site will temporarily act as a gallery of kate's  art but if you see something you really want, you are welcome to contact us through the link at the bottom of the page. We will see if it is possible to make a similar item at this time. Everything you see here was destroyed in a fire, as well as most of the raw materials,  many of which were handmade or prepared,  which are necessary for a lot of these products to be produced. 


Thank you for you patience and for visiting the site !





Decorated Elk skull with antlers.

Collectible art with Native American inspiration + primitive and aboriginal technique + eclectic contemporary approach = an online display of unique  gift ideas from mask weaving to turtle mojo.

Each creation, whether rawhide rattle, Lewis and Clark souvenir, leather medicine bag, rendezvous buckskin pouch, totem painted purse, or petroglyph adorned accessory is an exclusive one-of-a-kind handmade design.



A lifelong passion for painting and drawing, fascination with North American Indian lore, committment to primitive technology,and intense study of historical collections and museum pieces culminates in wearable fiber artwork or wall hangings.

Beaded Bone Rattle

knitted wool bag, multi-colored.


rawhide shield with totemic beaver faceDancing stick, close-up of pyro bear face.hand woven nek wefan w/beadsFree Spirit wall hanging with skull cap and feathershand knitted bag , blue colorcustom hand made kufi hat, black and white

beaver shield

dancing stick

nek wefan

free spirit

selflap bag



Detailed custom finishing includes painted by hand or burned in motifs in many genres  - petroglyph, pictograph, quill and pen, totemic, and more. The biggest challenge here is showing all the choices possible, but we're working on it.  

Primitive jewelry, antler branch necklace with buffalo design.nek wefan in bright oranges and off whites.small leather mojo pouchBlue wool bagamufin, knitted or crochetedpolished stone and leather bezil necklacesknitted handbag with self-flap

antler necklace

nek wefan

leather mojo


stones in bezils

selflap bag

Primitive replica, boutique accessory, or artist's interpretation, all work is characterized by: kate's aboriginal style and


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Ab-originals by kate 

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SpireArtworks diversified

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antler crown with turtle design

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