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 Ab-original Wall Art

  designs & interpretations by kate

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Wall art weaving .

Native American inspiration is a key element in mask weaving, turtle art on a beaded rattle, woven wallart with feather embellishment, hand painted lodge shield, "scalp lock" decoration, or leather bound walking stick with peyote stitch beadwork.


Rawhide, bones, dew claws, feathers, etc. are prepared by hand for each creation. Original design detailing in painted, drawn, inked, or burned motif, fanciful symbol (i.e. coyote charm, coup), American Indian influenced mask images, and more.

Free spirit wall art with bones and feathers.


Frames, stretcher bars, or mounts are vine, driftwood, wormwood, fir, apple, willow, metal, bone, antler or old rusty farm implement.


Handmade rattle of rawhide and bone with beads and feathers.

Wall art weaving

Rawhide shield with hand painted totemic beaver design.

Wall art weaving with bone and feathers.



Feathers dropped in our barnyard or from game birds include goose, chicken, turkey, grouse, pheasant, quail, peacock. Fur and hair might be recycled, home tanned, road kill, hunter's donation, a last minute barbering job on a pet goat, barnyard finding, or hair salon freebie. That means human, horse, dog, cat, goat, sheep, rex (rabbit), deer, elk, cow, coyote, or second hand reclaimed fur coat.


Close up of wall weaving .

Wraps and dangles of all descriptions incorporate bones, shells, seeds, pods, beads, carvings and whittlin's, wool, flannel, roving, linen, leather, and rawhide. Add lots of imagination, kate's interpretation and design and each ornament is a unique one of a kind artwork.


Note: Ingredients & methodology appear on hang tags and on "Details" page following Galleries.                                                  

Prices range from $80.00 to 380.00

Wall Art Gallery 1

Wall Art Gallery 2

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Ab-originals by kate 

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antler crown with turtle design